Hello! I'm Judith Kalonji

 A Naturopothic practitioner

What Services I'm Providing

How do I work to better help you regain control of your health, it all starts with your nutritional background. During our first visit, I will use the data you provided from the functional nutrition survey to better assess your strengths and weaknesses to better seized your needs and provide you with a personalized program
“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” Alexander Den Heijer

Functional Nutrition in Cancer Treatment & Remission

If you have been diagnosed with cancer you feel lost and need support, you want to know how to benefit from the integrative approach. Do not hesitate to contact me and discuss your options to increase your healing chance. A 15 minutes phone call, totally free to get to know each other and see if we can work well together. If you then decide to team up, I will be honored to support your healing journey.

First appointment (1h30m)

Vitality assessment which includes the reason for the consultation, and a functional nutrition survey that would have been given to you before the appointment.
If you have a recent lab work result less than 3 months old, review the malfunctions or order the most appropriate lab work.

Second appointment (1h)

Return of lab results and application in functional nutrition. Implementation of a personalized program, supplements, food program, alternative therapies, stress management, colon hydrotherapy, and other behavioral changes. (I can be reached by WhatsApp or email for any questions about setting up the chosen therapies)

Third visit (30 minutes)

Follow up, Feedback and recommendations

Work Experience

” I worked with Pure Passion & Energy”

Prevention & support

Type 2 Diabetes
Auto-immune Diseases
Thyroids disease

Cancer support

Treatment side effects
comprehensive integrative approach
Lab works
Monitoring Vitamins & minerals

Diets & lifestyle changes

Stress management
Physical activity
Anti-inflammatory diet
Food diversity

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What My Clients Says

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“J’ai été suivie par Judith dans le cadre d’un traitement du cancer du col de l’utérus. Judith m’a accompagné durant tout le traitement. Mon traitement consistait en de la chimiothérapie, de la radiothérapie et de la curiethérapie. 


Judith est une Naturopathe qui aime aider son prochain. Elle est dévouée dans son métier. C’est plus une passion qu’un métier pour elle. Et lorsque nous sommes malade, nous avons besoin de personnes comme elle pour nous aider à combattre ce type de maladie. Merci encore à Judith qui m’a soutenue et me soutien encore.”


“Disponible, très à l’écoute, patiente, passionné, Judith dégage une très grosse vibration. Explique très bien les choses, depuis que j’ai changer mon alimentions et mise en place ses conseils, je me sent mieux même si j’ai encore du boulot”


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