About Me

“Passionate & Dedicated”

A Little tour about Me

My name is Judith Kalonji, I am a Naturopathic-Iridology practitioner and functional nutritionist.
I spend my life between 3 continents: Africa where I was born, Europe which rocked and forged the young adult, and the USA which won me over with its diversity and opportunities.

My interest in holistic health was for the most part inspired by my African heritage, Then, later I discovered iridology while trying to overcome painful menstruation. Finally, it was a loved one’s cancer diagnosis that further motivated me to immerse myself body and soul in the world of holistic approach and healing.

In 2017-2019, I obtain a certificate in Naturopathic practitioner and foot reflexology. Then in 2021 a degree in Micronutrition. I am currently pursuing my training in 2022-2023 in functional nutrition and preparing for the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations)

I am specialized in cancer prevention and support, helping my clients while going through treatment (chemotherapy radiotherapy), providing counseling to help better cope with side effects, optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment, and during remission to keep a positive health routine. Moreover, I help my clients to stay healthy in remission., with routine laboratory work.